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Male Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember) by PhanerozoicWild Male Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember) :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 34 10 Haast's Eagle (Hieraaetus moorei) by PhanerozoicWild Haast's Eagle (Hieraaetus moorei) :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 68 15 4 favorite tyrannosaurs (progress!) by PhanerozoicWild 4 favorite tyrannosaurs (progress!) :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 40 2 luanchuanraptor by PhanerozoicWild luanchuanraptor :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 32 6 4 favorite tyrannosaurs by PhanerozoicWild 4 favorite tyrannosaurs :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 49 11 Dimetrodon by PhanerozoicWild Dimetrodon :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 41 0 The Hunt: the hardest challenge by PhanerozoicWild The Hunt: the hardest challenge :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 21 0 ALBERT!!!! by PhanerozoicWild ALBERT!!!! :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 27 2 The Hunt by PhanerozoicWild The Hunt :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 19 0 Amur Leopard by PhanerozoicWild Amur Leopard :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 31 7 Female Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember) by PhanerozoicWild Female Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember) :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 57 10 Rex sketch by PhanerozoicWild Rex sketch :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 23 1 Male Siats meekerorum (MussentuchitMember) by PhanerozoicWild Male Siats meekerorum (MussentuchitMember) :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 54 8 Spinosaurus sketch in class by PhanerozoicWild Spinosaurus sketch in class :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 35 2 Inostrancevia alexandri by PhanerozoicWild Inostrancevia alexandri :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 77 13 Martial Eagle by PhanerozoicWild Martial Eagle :iconphanerozoicwild:PhanerozoicWild 24 2


Persian Leopard IV by amrodel Persian Leopard IV :iconamrodel:amrodel 149 15 White Jaguar by MoonsongWolf White Jaguar :iconmoonsongwolf:MoonsongWolf 785 116 Utahraptor photomanipulation by kingrexy Utahraptor photomanipulation :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 24 15 Haast's Eagle - Sixth Extinction Deck by windfalcon Haast's Eagle - Sixth Extinction Deck :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 795 32 TMHOTW: Neotyrannus Veronis V3 by vcubestudios TMHOTW: Neotyrannus Veronis V3 :iconvcubestudios:vcubestudios 123 3 Female Wagler's Pit Viper - Tropidolaemus wagleri by melvynyeo Female Wagler's Pit Viper - Tropidolaemus wagleri :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 520 24 Winter Has Come by Anacondrix Winter Has Come :iconanacondrix:Anacondrix 2,614 87 Rainbow Dragon by Lucky978 Rainbow Dragon :iconlucky978:Lucky978 956 27 Shining Eyes by TheEmpatheticCat Shining Eyes :icontheempatheticcat:TheEmpatheticCat 209 5 Dreams by MonsterBrand Dreams :iconmonsterbrand:MonsterBrand 217 7 Smash Bros 2018 by Zombie-Graves Smash Bros 2018 :iconzombie-graves:Zombie-Graves 1,617 98 Daspletosaurus portrait by Kana-hebi Daspletosaurus portrait :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 199 12 Walk on The Beach by TeraTheFeathernazi Walk on The Beach :iconterathefeathernazi:TeraTheFeathernazi 56 9 Unsettling gaze by TeraTheFeathernazi Unsettling gaze :iconterathefeathernazi:TeraTheFeathernazi 37 0



Male Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember)
In the Cedar Mountain Formation. I have problems with this but I am not starting over.
I feel like the last female one I did was better. I have not that much to say.

Wait I am planning on doing Deinonychus next well that will be fun right. right:)

Feel free to comment I am a dummy! 

Previous Animal: Female Abydosaurus mcintoshi 
Haast's Eagle (Hieraaetus moorei)
I must say when I started this I was just having fun and I didn't think I'd finish it this quick.
Are the talons small? I was quite lazy with the sky sooooo... I listened to this while drawing this Scorch 'N' Torch - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Music Extended - YouTube

The largest eagle to ever exist.
Surprising it is related to the LITTLE eagle and booted eagle. YES THE LITTLE EAGLE! The biggest eagle to exist it's closest living relative is the little eagle               -i like it-

As you can see I based the colors and markings both on the booted and little eagle too.

More info on why it should be Hieraaetus and not Harpagornis:……
4 favorite tyrannosaurs (progress!)
Ballpoint pen 

So I had to use a normal fine ballpoint. It's so hard because the ink won't come out so I have to use an extra paper to scribble and force the ink out.
4 favorite tyrannosaurs
Can you guess the fourth Unfinished one 


I think I just told you.
The Hunt
Finally got a sketchbook 
I had 2 choices I chose the one I never saw before and it was cheaper. Disappointing but It's great to experiment you know.

I saw this in episode 5 of the hunt in the intro I just had to draw that.
Female Abydosaurus mcintoshi (MussentuchitMember)
In the Cedar Mountain Formation. This took me a while I got distracted a lot. I added a bit of feathers at the and of the tail because I CAN. I imagine this animal by a tree feeding in the middle of a sunset. :)  
Has any one seen the new trailer of "Jurassic Games" 
Personally  for me I no longer care anymore and you know what I am happy.
I am happy they aren't going for accurate animals and do you wanna know why I am happy about that. 
WELL! I don't want the first actually accurate animals to appear in a series or movie where they are just to eat someone or in the middle of a freaking city chasing cars or something. This monster dinosaur movies are probably the reason why not a lot of people believe this creatures existed just because of how crazy it gets.

I just hope for an actual good documentary on this animals surviving in their natural environment with good looks and story and information and a lot of effort and love put in it. I need a Planet Earth 2 mixed with walking with dinosaurs look. Proving to people that these are actual creatures that exist. Just as how Jurassic Park proved to everyone this animals where fast and active and not slow moving monsters.


Feel free to comment Giggle 

Previous Animal: Male Siats meekerorum 
Watch "Watch the First 2 Minutes of Symphony For Our World | Symphony for Our World" on YouTube
Male Siats meekerorum (MussentuchitMember)
In the Cedar Mountain Formation. Finally got the chance to upload this boy. I am so happy with what I went for here. Apart from that large gash on the side of his. Looks to much, I swear that wound looked better without the color. 
As they tried to put each other down the male knocked the female down. But his leg was right by her mouth and she went for that bite by the leg. Male escaped with a wounded leg, scratches, scars and a bit tail and had to scavenge until they heal. I think it healed! 

Feel free to comment =P (Razz) 

Previous Animal: Female Siats meekerorum 
Inostrancevia alexandri
Imagine seeing this guy in the wild. It will be like seeing a bear mixed with a tiger and a Komodo dragon.

I want to draw more animals that lived before the mesozoic more often.
Female Siats meekerorum (MussentuchitMember)
In the Cedar Mountain Formation. I must say. Drawing this dinosaur was very weird. I felt so calm drawing this animal. I just like the pose I went for and the anatomy on this animal is really cool very simple I like it. 
This is the 3rd largest carnivore in North America. Those scars are from fighting a male over her territory. She won this territory from fighting her mom (which is very old). Kicked out her brother and her mom. Based the story on the tiger documentary on Nat Geo Wild. 

Feel free to comment :happybounce: 

Previous Animal: Female Tenontosaurus sp.
The one with with the heart next to it. That's my favorite sketch.


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David H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I really love studying the life on earth that are present and extinct and depicting what they may have looked or acted like.


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